Choice words

Why is it called breaking and entering when I do it but when they do it it's called Dynamic Entry?
Word choice is a powerful thing, it can shape how we approach or look at an idea. There have been many theories of how language affects thought, Newspeak, Neurolinguistic Programming, and others. These theories are mostly dubious or just outright fiction, but how does language affect the way we think? What is the motivation behind the political correctness movement? What does it mean when the state uses terms, collateral damage, in an attempt to affect our views of things? Maybe the answer is that it helps us avoid the truth that we already know . Maybe it is for our own benefit.

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You know its bad when...

Recently, the CTO, Dan Geer, of @Stake was fired for signing on to a report (PDF) that said the prevailance of windows was a threat to the internet. The thing I find worth noting is not that he was fired but what @Stake said in defence of Microsoft:

Chris Wysopal, director of research and development at Boston-based AtStake, also appeared on CNNfn to "set the record straight" about AtStake's position. He said there are ways to secure networks without having to get rid of any Microsoft software, such as patching systems better and compartmentalizing them so problems don't spread.

Basically, Windows is safe if you put it in a hermetically sealed chamber.

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Airplane Saftey

So there is this current article, Mobiles ring out air warning, that claims it has been conclusively proven that it is dangerous to use electronic equiptment (mobile phones, computers, etc.) on planes. The thing that has always disturbed me about these comments is I really don't think it should be so easy to cause a failure in the navigation or auto-pilot systems of passenger air craft. I mean, really, could you hijack a plain by threatening to turn on your mobile?

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