Typography & Typesetting Tidbits

Some nifty typography and typesetting links today.

If you haven't already seen it, The Alphabet's Bastard Children links to a number of totally rad projects that push the boundaries of typography (including my Alphabet Soup).

The MicroFoundry looks like it touched on some pretty interesting font variation techniques, although the site design is hideous and everything requires "Shockwave," c. 1998.

Read Regular is a pretty nice looking font designed "For more effective reading and writing" (too bad it's not available for download or purchase anywhere).

P.J. Chmiel's type/lettering samples are some nice examples of typography in middle america.

The Untitled Project showcases how us type designers really see the world.

Parameterizable Fonts Based on Shape Components (PDF) uses the same idea as Alphabet Soup for constructive rather than creative purposes.

Saad D. Abulhab's Mutamathil is a variation of the Arabic alphabet that can be used to write arabic in rightward or leftward manner with the same characters.

In the typesetting direction, you don't have to be a genius to have noticed that Wiki is the markup/typesetting language for the aughts.

And finally, Markdown is a fantastically easy to use, powerful markup language (it was used to generate this blog post) that borrows from wiki ideas and invents some of it's own.

Posted by matt at 28.03.04 12:48