A UI my mom could use

Segusoland is a new file browser that has what I think are some truly revolutionary ideas behind it. The program presents several lists to the user, of files, programs, actions, times, and devices, and then narrows all the lists as you select items from each, until you are left with the command you want to run. Check out the screenshots & tutorial.

While I would have no problem leaving my dad or any other moderately experienced computer user with nautilus, velocity, or gmc, my mom still has problems with her (stripped down) MacOS 8 Finder. It is too complicated for her. I have been worried for a while that I would not be able to find her a simple enough replacement when her current computer dies; but I would be able to give her a linux box with segusoland and not have to worry about it.

Posted by matt at 17.01.04 15:13

Hey, that *is* a good UI. I do wonder if it scales well, though. Suppose I have thousands of music files, not properly tagged or named (not uncommon for a "newbie" as mentioned on that page), it still doesn't help much.

Still, very nice find. Thanks!

Posted by: Jan! at 08.02.04 16:33