You know its bad when...

Recently, the CTO, Dan Geer, of @Stake was fired for signing on to a report (PDF) that said the prevailance of windows was a threat to the internet. The thing I find worth noting is not that he was fired but what @Stake said in defence of Microsoft:

Chris Wysopal, director of research and development at Boston-based AtStake, also appeared on CNNfn to "set the record straight" about AtStake's position. He said there are ways to secure networks without having to get rid of any Microsoft software, such as patching systems better and compartmentalizing them so problems don't spread.

Basically, Windows is safe if you put it in a hermetically sealed chamber.

Posted by moore at 25.09.03 19:18

But hasn't that always been the Microsoft party line? That's how they got C2-level security clearance, after all -- by mandating that a C2-level installation of Windows NT have its network stack removed.

Posted by: forrest at 17.10.03 15:11